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With heavy hearts, we must share the sad news of the passing of former Commodore Kent Goldsmith, a man who truely embodied joie de vivre.
Mr. Goldsmith served as DCYC's thirty-second commodore in 1987. 


Military services for Maj. N. Kent Goldsmith (USAF Ret.), 83, will be Monday, Sept. 17, at the Arkansas Veterans Cemetery in North Little Rock. 

He died May 15, 2018, after an 8-day confrontation with cancer. Survivors are his wife, Marilyn, of Conway, son Steve of Portland OR, brother James of N. Las Vegas, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

His life was a moveable feast. He embraced people, their cultures and politics around the world. Animals gravitated to him and he loved them all. Except spiders. He had low tolerance for green vegetables, arrogance, lies, abuse, and "groupthink", but was first in line for escargots or helping solve problems.

He was a cab driver in Paris and had 22 years of military service as a pilot (C130s were his favorite) and diplomat. Decorations include the Bronze Star and a high Cambodian award rarely given to foreigners. After retirement he was a beltway-bandit, then headed the U.S. subsidiary of a French aeronautical company. His volunteer hats included president of several organizations, yacht club commodore, mayor and municipal judge in Texas.

Friends described him thus: The quintessential gentleman. Manner and Intellect extraordinaire while a sincerely tempered down-to-earth person! Punny and funny. Humor, witty, clever, fascinating, American, patriot, brilliant, sharing, courageous. Staggeringly brilliant, unique, witty, insightful, passionate. A French gentleman. Full of life--or full of it, take your choice .

He lived life big, even marrying Marilyn in the upstairs lounge of Braniff's Big Orange en route to London. He had hundreds of books in his library, loved Wagner and was always ready for something new. A standard phrase was "BTDT. What do you want to do now?"

He moved easily among all strata of all societies, riding go-karts with the head of a mid-east country and flying Indira Ghandi in India, or drinking wine with French street singers and cab drivers. He welcomed anyone willing to sit on our deck and drink a glass of wine. If you hadn't heard all his stories it meant you didn't visit often enough or stay late enough.

Cancer was a challenge, but he handled it like everything else -- he couldn't conquer it but he wouldn't let it own him for long.

A DCYC Member's Memories of Kent Goldsmith

Kent was DCYC’s 32nd (1987)  Commodore as well as Harbor Master many times. Kent and his beautiful wife Marlyn could often be seen leaving the harbor at dusk for a night armed only with a few bottle of red wine, return time unknown.

One of the highlights each year was an invitation to the Goldsmith New Beaujolais Party. Kent would have many cases of the new year Beaujolais wine brought in just for the party at his house.

Kent's sense of humor was sharp, mainly to see who he could put on edge. He was almost always very effective at achieving his goal!

Kent was also the Oak Point Mayor two times and helped the city though some tough times.

He will be missed by all that knew him well.

We are so grateful to Kristin Lyon for these images. 

Note: We will post updates about arrangements here, so please check back.

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