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History:  Backstrom and Schreiber


Marion Backstrom, Commodore #12 
and Joe Schreiber, charter member

Reprinted from February, 1991 Hailer

In the 1920's, the Dallas Sailing Club was formed and located on the northwest shore of White Rock Lake. Because of a severe drought and poor water levels in the early 1950's, a group of Lightning sailors from the Dallas Sailing Club and the Corinthian Sailing Club decided to move away from White Rock Lake and form a new Club. Selecting a beautiful, wooded point of land overlooking the upper end of Lewisville Lake, then known as Lake Dallas, the group of sailors founded Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club in 1956.

Now, nearly thirty-five years later, DCYC has over 150 members, including founding member number one and first DCYC Commodore, Balfour Patterson. With tradition, a beautiful sailing lake, a spectacular setting and splendid Clubhouse, DCYC is considered by its members to be one of the best yacht clubs in North Texas.

Members and non-members alike have asked about DCYC's past. For instance, how did the DCYC burgee get to be the same design as the Texas flag when other yacht clubs in the State predate DCYC, such as Houston Yacht Club (1897) and Fort Worth Boat Club (1929)? When DCYC was founded, no other yacht club had taken the design of the Texas flag for their burgee. Charles Woodman, a founding member of DCYC, suggested that the Club do this, and the idea was accepted by the other founders.

Arthur P. Nazro was DCYC's best known member. Arthur P., as he was always referred to, a founding member of DCYC, was considered the Dean of Texas yacht racing during his heyday. He started the DCYC racing program and ran it for years. He was a tyrant on and off the race course and would not tolerate other's opinions. Arthur P. was Commodore of the Southwestern District of NAYRU, honorary Director of USYRU Area F and Commodore of TYA until his death. He was famous for his martinis, the recipe was even included in the Corinthian's Cookbook, and his legend lives on at DCYC in many ways.

The original breakwater was built in 1967 when Joe Schreiber was Harbormaster. During construction, fill dirt for the breakwater was taken from the northwest shore of the harbor. This created a bar which was promptly named Schreiber's Reef. It disappeared when the harbor was dredged in 1979. Joe was much relieved.

DCYC has hosted semi and quarter finals of the Mallory, Sears, Adams, O'Day and Hinman Cups. The Club has hosted nationals of the Catalina 22, Victory and 470 fleets. The DCYC Longhorns originally were the FWBC club boat. Hugh Berryman won one in a raffle at FWBC, and in the 1960's, the Club bought the the remaining boats from FWBC.

The date of the third weekend in May for the DCYC Annual Regatta was set in 1958. At that time, other yacht clubs in the area held their regattas in June, and in order not to conflict with those dates, the May date was chosen. Several regattas had over 200 entries. On two occasions, the Annual Regatta has been postponed or cancelled due to flooding. These regattas and the other events in DCYC history have provided members with a rich lode of experiences and a number of stories, mostly humorous, are told whenever DCYC members gather.

The Famous Arthur P. Nazro Martini

(Many thanks to Dagny Boaz for supplying this gem.)

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