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The Jim Johnson Award recognizes sportsmanship on and off the water. *

1989       Larry Hall

1990       Bob Lehn

1992       Randall Massey

1993       Frank & Milinda Swartwout

1994       Dan Brown

1996       Jay Colburn

1999       John Finks

2000       David Patterson

2001       Jay Hoppenstein

2003       Will Bratt

2004       Jay Hoppenstein

2005       Frank Cerralvo

2006       Frank Cerralvo

2007       Michele Ditmer

2008     Gail Wilson

2009       Bob Johnson

2010       Darrin Ditmer

2011       Aris Tsamis

2012       Tonja Sanchez Holmes-Moon

2013       John Lusk

2014       Chris & Kim Dickey

2015       Marie Nuchols

2016 Robert Johnson

2017 John Lusk

* Wanting to give the Club a relaxed and “fun” event, Jim Johnson helped establish our first Terlingua-In-Exile Regatta in 1986. Jim was a man of uncommon warmth, humility and sportsmanship. A group of his friends chose to honor him for this latter quality by donating a trophy in his name. This award is presented annually at the Terlingua-In-Exile Regatta to the member who demonstrated unusual sportsmanship, both on and off the water. The recipient is selected by the Regatta Chair and Committee. 

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