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It's time to give our club a little love and attention, so join us this Saturday, the 24th, at 8 am and bring a smile!

Our Clubhouse To-Do's:

1.  Clean windows inside and out. Bring step stools, squeegees, brushes, towels, and buckets.

2.  Detail clean under grills, under three compartment sink, counter tops and grills. Bring gloves and brushes.

3.  Power wash all sidewalks, the patio, and the pool deck. Bring a power washer.

4.  Detail clean out all flower beds of leaves, trash weeds, and trim shrubs. Bring rakes, gloves, and trimmers.

5.  Install fascia boards on shop. Bring ladders, power saws, hammers and power drills.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

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