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2019 Opening Day at DCYC – Saturday, May 11

Mardi Gras is past, Daylight saving time is here and Bluebonnets are popping up, Spring must be here! ! !

They say the DCYC never closes for winter, but it has been pretty quiet during the last weeks of cold.

Where have you been? I have not seen many out at the club. So, as the weather warms, Prep the Boat, press your yachting attire and get ready to Dress your Ship – Opening Day is coming.

The weather is warming, it is time to get the boat ready to head out on the water.

Our Opening Day Celebration is just around the corner. Mark your calendar for Saturday, May11 to join in the festivities.

The party starts with a ceremony welcoming the end of winter and the beginning of our boating year. Everyone is invited to “Dress Ship”, wear “Yachting Attire” and join the party.

The day begins with a gathering to “Open” DCYC for the new boating year. We celebrate the opening with remarks from our Commodore Chris Dickey and a “Toast to the end of winter and the return to Boating”

We break for lunch then Parade our Dressed Yachts for our“Commodores’ Review of the Fleet” then continue for a spring sail or to participate in a friendly Regatta.

We will also host an Open House for the public, to show off our facilities and look to add new boaters to our membership.

The day concludes with a cocktail with friends and some final remarks by our Commodore.

A great day is planned the only thing that can make it better is your participation.

Sign up on the web site so we can get a count for food and beverages.

Traditional Yachting Attire for Opening Day

 Men  White or Khaki pants, light colored shirt w/ Club tie, blue blazer.  Optional:  white/light colored slacks. Club shirt w/ logo

Women – White skirt (pleated) or white of Khaki slacks, Light colored blouse, blue blazer. Optional: White /light colored skirt (pleated) or slacks, Club shirt w/ logo

Juniors - White or tan shorts, White or light colored polo shirt, preferably w/ club logo

If available, blazers should sport club emblem patches and name tags

Dressing Ship For Opening Day

Starting from forward: AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO Third Repeater(Sub 3), RN First Repeater(Sub 1), ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY Second Repeater(Sub 2).

The International Code of Signals

1855 to Date

First drafted in 1855, this system was first published as an international and a British volume in 1857 and gradually adopted by most seafaring nations.

On national holidays, at regattas, and on other special occasions, yachts often "dress ship" with International Code of Signal flags. The ship is dressed at 0800, and remains so dressed until evening colors (while at anchor only, except for a vessel's maiden and final voyages, and participation in a marine parade or other unique situation).

In dressing ship, the national ensign is hoisted at the stern staff (and the Union Jack may be displayed at the jack (bow) staff on government vessels). A rainbow of flags of the International Code is arranged, reaching from the water line forward to the water line aft, by way of the bowsprit end (or stem if there's no bowsprit) and the masthead(s). Flags and pennants are bent on alternately, rather than in any indiscriminate manner. Since there are twice as many letter flags as numeral pennants, it is good practice, as in the Navy, to follow a sequence of two flags, one pennant, two flags, one pennant, throughout. The sequence recommended above provides a harmonious color pattern throughout.

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