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History:  Massey's Memories of DCYC


Randall Massey

Bob Lehn was doing race committee on one warm summer (late 1980s) day near the old Lake Dallas Damn and John Harris and I thought we would go pay him a visit out of pure boredom. Loaded with a few Beers we pulled up next Bob setting behind what I recall as the finish line to the race. Multiple conversations took us though all the important topics of the day.

Three-hundred or so yards off came a boat for the finish. Bob immediately advised John and that “He’s going to hit us”. John and I thought little of Bob’s remark because after all the finish line was over there and we are over here! It was Allan in his new J/24 bearing down on us. The closer he got the more apparent that Bob was 100% correct. John rushed down below and got boat hooks to fend the J/24 off, but “He hit us.” 

We looked at each other for a few minutes totally amazed as the J/24 sailed off in total disarray with the crew screaming at each other.

Calmed down a bit we got another beer and Bob said ”I told you guys he was going to hit us!” Just another day on the race course at DCYC. 

Associated story: Marion Backstrom and I were sitting under the Willow Tree talking DCYC Business and I noticed a F24 Trimaran going out for a sail. As usual he was doing a somewhat less than adequate job leaving the harbor. I turned to Marion and said I didn’t understand how someone who had been sailing for 8-10 years could be such a poor sailor. Marion looked at me and said ”Randall, my dear chap, he has not been sail 8-10 years, he has been sailing 1 year 8-10 times." Everything is a matter of perspective.

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