Al Schlitz Beer Can



Starting time: Sun Down

Tape, sticks (for masts), and plastic bags (for sails) available on site.


The general idea is to build 12 “liter” racing yachts which will be raced in the swimming pool. Each yacht is to be constructed to the specifications below: 

1. Hulls: Hulls must be constructed of beer or soda cans only. 

2. Can Size & Quantity: You may use no more than twelve (12) twelve oz. cans. 

3. Outriggers: Outriggers are considered part of the hull. 

4. Hull Size & Configuration: No restrictions to the hull size or configuration; see #2. 

5. Sail Size & Shape: No restrictions on the size or shape of the sail plan. 

6. Keels & Rudders: No restrictions on the size, shape or materials for keels/rudders. 

7. Power Source: Boats must be powered only by sails attached to the mast mounted on the hull. Mechanical or manual air movement may be authorized by the regatta organizers depending on the availability and velocity of the wind. 

8. Lighter-Than-Air Gases: No lighter-than-air gases (e.g., helium) may be used. 

9. Compliance to Rules: Compliance with these rules is subject to the sole discretion of the regatta organizers. 

Pictures from the 2013 and the 2014 Al Schlitz Regattas.

Want to know more about the origins of this beloved event? Click here. 

Past Winners

2018: Jason Bogdon (youth) / Heather Ashey (adult)
2017: Peter Kaldawi (youth) / Suzanne Glorioso (adult) 
2016: [unknown]
2015: Enzo Dao
2014: Dave Shearen (adult) / Thomas Hinton (youth)
2013:Jay Hoppenstein
2012: Jessica Utz
2011: Julia Utz
2010: Julia Utz


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